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Industrial Backplane Systems

  • Do you require more than six slots?
  • Do you need a mixture of slot types?

New England Digital Computers (NEDC) can provide Industrial Backplane Systems in
Rackmount, Wallmount, Desktop, and Tower configurations as well as custom chassis sizes.
This versatility is achievable because a Backplane System does not use a Motherboard like a
typical computer system. Instead the Motherboard functionality is broken out into two separate
circuit boards. The main functionality of the Motherboard is contained on the Single Board
Computer or SBC. The SBC contains the processor, memory, and chipset and fits into a slot
on the backplane. The backplane contains the bus expansion functionality of the motherboard.
This configuration is defined by the PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group (PICMG) 1.2 and 1.3

This flexibility allows NEDC to build 19” Rackmount Systems with one to 20 slots, one slot
being occupied by the SBC. Backplane configurations are available with a wide variety of ISA,
PCI, PCI-X and/or PCI-E slots.

Single Board Computers range from support for low end processors up to boards that will
support current dual socket configurations.

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