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About New England Digital Computers

NEDC is a US Based Computer Manufacturer Offering Long-Life Computer Product Solutions


New England Digital Computers is a leading computer manufacturer with more than 20 years experience. We design and build custom computer systems based on your exact specifications and requirements. Through our advanced computer manufacturing techniques we offer a wide variety of industrial computers and commercial grade systems including rack mount, panel mount, mid-tower, desktop and other configurations.

Our customer and technical support team is dedicated to providing an unparalleled attention to detail when designing, building and supporting your custom computing solution.

Many of our customers are OEMs who purchase NEDC computers to build into their own systems that are sold under private brand labels. Our customers appreciate our willingness to work closely with them from design and manufacturing to shipping and support. It is this close relationship that is one of our greatest strengths. In fact, many customers consider us an extension of their own companies.

Software Technology

Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP)
Microsoft Certified System Builder (MCSB)
Free BSD

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