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New England Digital Computers is a leading computer manufacturer. We design and build custom computer systems based on your exact specifications and requirements. Through our advanced computer manufacturing techniques we offer a wide variety of industrial computers and commercial grade systems including rack mount, panel mount, mid-tower, desktop and other configurations.

If you are looking to partner with a manufacturer who will provide industrial computers, servers or high end commercial PCs. We are happy to discuss how we can help you. Just give us call.

Hard To Find ISA & Multiple PCI Slots

We have been a US-based computer manufacturer for over 20 years and pride ourselves in offering our OEM customers long-life computer product solutions and support. We also provide support for legacy products such as boards the require ISA slots or multiple PCI slots. Solutions requiring ISA slots or multiple PCI slots are becoming hard to find. However, New England Digital Computers continues to address the need for ISA and multiple PCI slots and can build systems with many different combinations of these slots.

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